Practical Protocol & Ritual

A message from Obsidian and namaste;

We believe that Protocol is the literal external expression of our internal desires…

People constantly ask us about our household and relationship protocol. “We’ve been watching the two of you and your protocol is so beautiful” ‘it looks complicated, did it take a long time to learn?'

Questions like these are the reason why we spend a significant amount of time each year traveling around the country teaching people how to incorporate the magic of protocol and ritual into their relationships. The question we hear most often is Where Do We Start!?

There are a number of things that we can teach you very quickly that you can put into practice immediately that will make a world of difference in both the longevity and the grace involved in your protocols. It is our pleasure to finally be able to put this information into the hands of the select badasses that are interested in taking their relationships to the next level!!!

Take a moment to breathe in and clear your mind - Now just nod your head if these questions resonate with you;

1. Do you believe that happiness and satisfaction in your power exchange relationship are directly related to your state of mind and the attention to detail you put into your relationship? (In other words, you get out of it what you put into it?)
2. If yes, if there was a process to enhance your state of mind and elevate your level of satisfaction in your relationship, would this interest you?
3. And if you knew this process only took a few sessions of practice, but could benefit you for the rest of your life..would you make time for it?

If you agree, then Practical Protocol and Ritual is for you!! ( You can skip the rest of this and scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Give me Access Now" button, but you probably want to read the rest of what we have here anyway.)

Here’s how Practical Protocols and Rituals will instantly help make your relationship fun and exciting;

-First - you save a stack of $$$$ by taking this class online that hundreds of people have paid over 1000.00 a person to attend during a conference weekend (travel costs+registration+hotel+food)
-Learn the secret of surprising ways to incorporate protocol and ritual into your relationship at zero cost - using household items you already have.
-Enjoy the convenience of accessing the program any time of day or night - no matter how busy you are.
-Dominants - the knowledge and security of enjoying a never-ending stream of excellent ideas and practices that can recharge and deepen your power exchange relationship.
-Experience the beauty and pleasure of having a literal ‘secret language’ that the two of you can share in any social situation - you will never have to ‘put your power exchange relationship on hold’ again around non-lifestyle people.
-Crack the code of creating Relationship Protocols that are uniquely yours - and are also practical and repeatable
-Secret protocol based upon ancient principles that uses your personal energy field to infuse your food with health and vitality!!!
-Uncover the hidden feedback loop that feeds both Dominant and submissive that is activated through the use of Protocol.
-Resonance - how to use this concept to inspire and invigorate your relationship through Protocol and Ritual
-How to eliminate guesswork and uncertainty using the pleasure principle.
Learn how to use Protocol and Ritual to take your relationship to the next level.
And much more!!!
Here's what you receive;

Instant Download!
Four video segments
Downloadable MP3's
Membership in our Power and Surrender online forum
Free Lifetime Updates
Free Members Only webinar on Protocol and Ritual to be scheduled later this year.

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